Our Objectives

The Alamdar Association of Australia Incorporated is a non-profit organisation and our objectives include:

The main objectives of the Association include:

  • To celebrate / commemorate the Islamic events pertaining to the Prophet Muhammad (SAWAW) and his projeny in light of the true teachings of Islam – azadari, milad, niaz etc.
  • To develop the Muslim Community by covering its educational, welfare and religious needs. We aim to teach the path of Islam as taught by Muhammad-o-Aal-e- Muhammad AS. We aim to focus on offering our services in Urdu, English and other regional languages of the Indian Sub-continent in our wider multicultural Australian Society.
  • To assist the Islamic community in the resolution of its social, economic, cultural and religious needs
  • To create and promote the spirit of unity and brotherhood among the members of the community and encourage interfaith activity and understanding within people of different faiths in our society.
  • To provide various social welfare services to the wider Australian community, the neighbourhood in particular. This includes but not limited to; disputes resolution, counselling services, JP services, professional consultancy services (coming soon)
  • To generate funds through voluntary activities and services for the needy on humanitarian grounds beyond borders and without any bias of geography, race and faith.
  • To amalgamate or affiliate with any other charitable association or institution, whether incorporated or not, in order to synergistically facilitate the achievement of our objectives.
  • To promote actively the principle of multiculturalism. We are located in the vibrant suburb of Granville, close to Parramatta on West and approximately 18 km from Sydney CBD. The area has population that comes from an average of 16 nationalities (origin) with 5-6 being major. a quiet suburb close to the city of Sydney. Being a large centre which will gradually undergo a series of renovations to carry out activities that bring harmony among the diverse ethnicities.
  • To promote and provide youth focussed activities including workshops, lectures, get-togethers and brain-storming sessions. Youth education and training programs are priority on our agenda and will be announced as per plan later.
  • To work together with the community based on their suggestions to the extent of reasonable practicality.


We would like to warmly extend an advanced welcome to all visitors.